Custom made Garden Marker for the #GrowLoveChallenge

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Be part of the Grow Love Challenge!  Order your child's custom made Garden Marker today!

What is the Grow Love Challenge?  A Grassroots Movement.  A creative way to get society to fall in LOVE with different - or those labeled "special needs."  It's a new twist on "spreading awareness" - a hide & seek game to encourage society to follow our Community and thus fall in love with our children!

If you have a child whom is "differently-abled" - I want YOU to be part of it!

To elaborate, the Grow Love Challenge is tied to our community on social media: @BeautifulConditions on Instagram and "Beautiful Conditions Stories" on Facebook).  Our community is made up of all types of families, from all parts of the world, who have all types of beautiful children with varying "special needs."  

Our families simply want society to show compassion, kindness and love for our "differently-abled" children.  Therefore, I created the idea of the #GrowLoveChallenge and the Garden Markers are our tool that makes it work!  

This new and fun way to "raise awareness" is a hide and seek way to get society to talk about us, follow us, and re-hide the Garden Marker(s) they find, to leads more and more people to discover our Community. 

If you're ready to be part of a fun, new way, to "raise awareness" - join our team! Plenty already have and you WANT to be part of this!  

"Spread Kindness.  Grow Love."


  • Garden Markers are made to order and based on the content you give us.  
  • A digital proof of your order will be emailed to you for approval, before we complete your order.
  • Lead-time is currently 7-10 working days from your art approval date.
  • Each Garden Marker is unique and different.  No two are exactly alike.
  • Garden Markers are etched on wood and are environmentally friendly.
  • The directions for how one does the Grow Love Challenge may vary slightly from what is shown on this example and can change at any point in time in the future. 
  • Please email to order.