Grow Love Challenge

The "Grow Love Challenge" (#GrowLoveChallenge) is a challenge to LOVE "different" and those labeled "special needs."  Follow us socially, to read REAL LIFE STORIES of those who outshine their label.  Our heartwarming and inspiring stories show just how incredible our "differently abled" kiddos are - and how they are equal members of our society that deserve compassion, kindness, respect, and LOVE!


This is a Movement; a grassroots-like movement to get society to fall in love with our "differently-abled" kids.  This is a fun and exciting way to see the beauty that surrounds you. If you haven't been blessed with a child such as the ones you will read about on Beautiful Conditions; let our stories of strength, determination, and success fill the gap in your life that you may or may not realize, is missing.  


To Join the Challenge - it's simple.  Just Follow Beautiful Conditions on Instagram, or Facebook, and even both! The only thing expected of you is to read our positive stories. Did you catch that?  Yes, that's it!  Nothing more is expected of you!  Simply follow along and read about us and our incredible children who defy the odds!  By focusing on the beauty of our lives, the positive stories that we share with you; I promise that you will be moved beyond measure! In fact, you will never feel more connected to those in our world, than you will after joining our community!  

Though not required, if you would like to purchase Garden Markers to show your support for the special needs community, please do so here!  The cool part?  25% of every Garden Marker you buy, goes to that particular family!  What better way to show your support than to give them a little donation?  And not only that, but help them spread awareness for their beautiful child!  What else is cool?  You can even buy one from one family, two from another, five from your favorite family, etc...and each Garden Marker you purchase will be counted towards a bulk discount level! 


If you are the parent of a child considered "special needs" and would like to be apart of our movement and the Grow Love Challenge - please follow this link to create your child's custom made Garden Marker. After we create your Garden Marker, we'll send you instructions for how you can become an "affiliate" and get PAID to spread awareness!


Thank you so much for your interest in the Grow Love Challenge!  Together we truly can change the world's perception of those who are "Differently Abled!" ...and it starts with doing it a little bit differently!