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Outshine Labels is a clothing brand & online baby boutique selling products for ALL kids; regardless of any "labels" that society may give them.
15% of our profits will go towards helping special needs individuals pay for therapies not covered by health insurance.  Whether it be Music Therapy, Hippotherapy, or ABA Therapy - we want to make sure our kids have access to whatever therapies they need, to become the best that they can be!   

My name is Jessica, and I started an online baby boutique called Cashmere Bébé back in December of 2015 when my youngest daughter Ava was 3 months old, & big sister Stella was 2.5 years old.  It was around this same time that we were monitoring a small heart murmur and also noticed that Ava's head was a little crooked.  We spent a year going to specialists to figure out why.  After seeing all types of doctors and doing all sorts of testing, we thought we were in the clear; everything kept coming back normal! The only testing left to do, in order to concur that she just had a rare form of Torticollis called BPTI (which she would simply grow out of), was to do Genetic Testing. Easy peasy we thought. 


On December 9, 2016, we got the news we didn't want, or expect. Ava was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome; a rare genetic condition that leaves her missing 26-28 genes on Chromosome 7.  At first I thought our life was ending; and it was in a way.  But in a few short weeks I began to see the beautiful side of her condition - and all the positives that were hidden within it.  Williams Syndrome sporadically happens in life, and affects about 20,000 to 30,000 people in the United States. Those with Williams Syndrome tend to be very social, very loving & musically inclined!  Kinda crazy that I already sell the best miniature musical instruments on the market, right?! And it's not the only thing that has prepared me for my new world of being a special needs mom - but you'll have to follow my blog on that later! 


Now that Ava has been diagnosed with Williams Syndrome, I have a clearer direction on my life's purpose...and more importantly, how I can help others, bring awareness and give back!  We hope you find products that you love...for all your kids - no matter what label society may give them!  "Outshine your Label" - surpass, exceed, do better than the label you were given.  Because it doesn't define you. It's just a word; a bland and boring label. Anything is possible!  The sky is the limit!


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Beautiful Conditions is a community; comprised of families all around the world, with children who are in one way or another; "differently-abled."  We celebrate the beauty of special needs; one unique person at a time.   We "spread awareness" differently - by not making the label, the focus.  By sharing our stories, of our real and everyday lives; it is our dream that society truly recognizes how "normal" and amazing these individuals are! Collectively, we've teamed up as special needs parents and advocates to make the World more comfortable with "different."  Yes, we have a unique streak - but so does everyone else - and we're here to show you that we're proud of who we are and we are nothing to be afraid of!  We deserve to be valued, respected, cherished, admired, understood and LOVED!  We want to share our stories with you.  We want you to see US...not the scary medical descriptions that our labels give us! Follow along...it will be the most inspiring part of your day.  I promise!

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Finally, thank you in advance for your support.  Together we really can make a difference and we hope your purchases help you realize you're part of the movement to bring love, compassion, kindness and inclusion to the entire special needs family!  Not only are you supporting me so that I can be with Ava for her multiple therapies, doctors appointments and overall health & well being, but you're also helping other special needs kids get important, life-changing therapies too!  And for that - we are forever grateful!


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All the best,

 Jessica, Blayne, Stella & Ava Connor